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Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and other altcoins using our crypto trading app.


Exchange rate: 1 USD = 89 BDT
Working Process

How It Works

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Earn Money

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Start Trading

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Connect Wallet

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About Us

Fast-exchenge is a service for exchanging electronic currencies.


We opened in 2016 under the name "Fast-exchenge", and since then we have been working hard every day to provide the best service on the market.

Over the years of our work, we have become a top service in terms of popularity in the CIS market. Every day we process more than 5,000 exchange requests, more than a thousand positive reviews are written about us every month, and the name "Fast-exchenge" is very famous in the world of the crypto industry.

Our #1 priority is our service.
We sincerely love and appreciate each client, and therefore we want to make the exchange of electronic currencies so convenient and fast for everyone, so that the user always wants to return to us.

To do this, we are always actively developing:
we have a large and strong technical support service that will help you find answers to all questions, we do everything to ensure that our service is the safest, and our users never have a reason to worry about the safety of their funds, and we also do everything to exchanges were fast, rates were profitable, and clients were always aware of all important events, both in the financial world and in our service.

Latest Exchanges

SL No. Send Receive Amount Exchange ID Status
1 ... USD BANK ... USD BANK 1800 USD 1F7VW*******3Q Pending
2 ... RUB BANK ... USDT TRC20 30000 RUB Q7EN6*******4O Timeout
3 ... Bitcoin ... Bitcoin 165 BTC ACJTF*******Q3 Pending
4 ... USD BANK ... USD BANK 2050 USD ZPYQ5*******BG Pending
5 ... USD BANK ... USD BANK 2000 USD DZM6Z*******V1 Pending
6 ... Bitcoin ... USD BANK 1 BTC O21M1*******1Q Pending
7 ... USD BANK ... Bitcoin 9928 USD TUKCP*******MM Pending
8 ... USDT TRC20 ... USDT TRC20 500 USDTTRC20 7J777*******JB Pending
9 ... USD BANK ... Bitcoin 557 USD JQA3X*******G3 Pending
10 ... USD BANK ... RUB BANK 100 USD ANP73*******CC Pending

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to all your questions

Exchange below the minimum amount is not possible.
Bitcoin exchange operations take place only after receiving 1 confirmation from the Bitcoin network. Usually you just need to wait for the first confirmation of the Bitcoin network

But there are times when an application is deleted, this happens automatically if:

     Payment on the application was not received within 30 minutes.
     An amount was transferred that does not match the amount in the application.
Any registered user, making any exchange, is already participating in the formation of his cumulative discount.
After reaching any of the stages of this our Loyalty Program, you will receive a coefficient that is applied to the formation of a more favorable exchange rate for you at each next exchange (discount for any exchange in any direction).

You can get more detailed information after registration in your Personal Account.
Yes. We have a very understandable and transparent affiliate program, you can get acquainted with its conditions.
     On the main page of the site, you need to select the currency "GIVE" and the currency "GET", enter the amount into the calculator and the system will calculate the amount you will receive. Then you need to click the "EXCHANGE" button.
     On the next page, you need to read the information at the top of the page, fill in the details and click the "EXCHANGE" button, then check that the details are filled in correctly, read and agree with the rules of the service, click the "CREATE APPLICATION" button.
     After creating an application, read the conditions on the application page, click the “GO TO PAYMENT” button, as a result of which you will receive all the details for paying for the application.

We care about our clients, our success depends on mutual understanding and productive work.

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